"I took Jake again this past Thursday with Coach Rob and am so impressed at how much he is learning. I love coach Rob and really think he has an incredible way of reaching and teaching the kids."

"Coach Rob has patience, serious knowledge when it comes to the game of hockey, and the ability to instill a serious passion onto these young aspiring players. My son has worked with Coach Rob very often. He adores him and continues to learn so much. I personally love how this coach focuses so much on the fundamentals and technique of skating. This is the core of a strong hockey player. He masks the learning and makes everything fun. You can see he works them hard when they come off the ice beet red, and sweaty. I can't say enough wonderful things about this coach and his clinics. If your child is ever given an opportunity to work with him, they will learn a great deal. My son is now in an Elite bracket after working a tremendous amount with Coach Rob last year. That should say it all."

"My son has not been playing hockey for long. He was fortunate to have Coach Rob as his first travel hockey coach. Since then he has been working with Coach Rob regularly and participating in his clinics as much as he can. Coach Rob puts an emphasis on proper skating techniques, and incorporates drills to apply those skating techniques with stick-handling and shooting to make the sessions more interesting and fun. My son loves skating with coach Rob. He not only helped my son become a much stronger skater, but also all-around hockey player with a lot of confidence. My son is now competing at the Elite level with teammates who have 2-3 years more skating experience than him." 

"Coach Rob is a 'miracle worker.' My nine year old son can be a handful to instruct when he is on the ice. However I have never seen him so engaged on the ice as he is with Coach Rob. The way that Coach Rob interacts with the kids and the way the kids respond to him truly is amazing and something that needs to be seen to be appreciated. My son loves to skate with Coach Rob, so much so that he is disappointed when he is on the ice with anyone other than Rob Messner. I can not say enough good things about Coach Rob and his coaching style with young skaters."

"Rob is a superb coach, trainer, mentor, and role model for young athletes wishing to improve their hockey skills and gain a love and knowledge for the game. Rob has a unique ability to connect with kids. Making kids work hard to maximize their ability in a fun environment is a great combination that Rob has perfected."

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